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I'm a design major at a tech college. I love music and writing (and also perhaps art as well). I am slightly obsessed with comics and art history.

Bleeeeeeh I feel like I need to like go running now I’m so tired from research

#Sketchdump progression for a character from my gender fluid renaissance artist story

sketches for my renaissance artist andrea/andreina (playing around with sketchbook and colors and such)

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making slow but steady progress! also, evidence of my hatred of backgrounds still.

#figureDrawing Friday! We had long poses today, so I sketched the poses in pencil and then shaded in conte

My finished tondo for art history! Revised the colors since the last post, to create the movement that I wanted and the contrast.

Modeled after Pontormo’s Deposition/Entombment with the color scheme and general confusion with the hands, and even with how Mary and Jesus are separated by the elements.

More panels from that comic that I’m finally working on again!

heart with wings

struggling with crises of faith, crises of gender, and crises of paying the rent, angels live on earth as well as they can in the new godless, merciless, twenty first century world.

(happy birthday, kat!! )


Anyone wanna hand out book suggestions? I really liked john greens books but I’m kinda feeling in an action adventure or historical mood so something like that maybe? I liked tamora pierce.

If you want historical action adventure, I would recommend the Enola Holmes books. They’re about Sherlock Holmes’s little sister, who runs away from home when her mother disappears, in order to become a detective and find her.

It’s not so much subliminal as hitting me over the head by now and I just - all it’s doing is making me dislike the products more.
Especially that muppets Toyota commercial oh my god I might actually buy a car just so I could NEVER hear that again