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oh goodness lammermoorian did you write this one like sam n dean?

Read the book, “cinder”

that looks really cool and i really would like to read it i think, but it’s not the plotline i was going for. (if you were just reccing me an awesome cinderella adaptation, then thank you!)

i get annoyed with the whole “prince doesn’t remember what cinderella looks like and depends entirely on the shoe fitting” thing in the fairy tale. most adaptations have a way around that - mainly by getting the prince and cinderella together before the ball, like in ella enchanted. (and, it looks like, in cinder.)

but my idea is that cinderella goes out for a fun night at a ball with her friends/family, attracts the eye of the prince, decides after a few dances that she’s not so jive with this, manages to get away around midnight, and the prince just can’t take a no. and goes way overboard with the whole searching thing.

basically, in this story the prince is the villain.

So. Future retelling of Cinderella where the Prince uses technology to search the kingdom, Cinderella doesn’t want to be found, and the stepsisters and stepmother are actually helping her out.

i think spaces might be discontinued as of os x yosemite.

i wish i had known that before updating.

i loved spaces.

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a bit of the first chapter of #batgirls for lammermoorian because talking about Babs’s backstory in this fic

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literally a page of #sketches of steph brown




(I have half of the other page done, so that will be up as soon as I finish it)

It looks so good! I can’t wait to see it all :D

#batgirls costume redesigns - I wanted to show the colors, and think about how the costume would be layered in this incarnation. Part of it is stolen from SWAT gear, some of it is just hand-wavy Batman-type protective gear.

mscreative545 I am absolutely overcome by the newest episode of SMC so you better hurry up and watch it so we can cry about it together.

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson - Easy (Official Video)