Kat | 21 | new media designer I'm a design major at a tech college. I love music and writing (and also perhaps art as well). I am slightly obsessed with comics and art history.

progress for #cybersix kick! dat grid amirite

i’d apologize for all the #cybersix but i’m not in the habit of apologizing for awesomeness


La Vita Nuova / The new life’ by Dante Alighieri, translated by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, pictured by Evelyn Paul. Published 1915 by George G. Harrap & Co.

See the complete book here.



Screw art!



Performance, tumblr text post on screen, 2014

this is it, i’m moving digital with all my arabic notes

my general process for that last Cybersix work - steps are in the captions.

the danger is so dangerous that #cybersix has lost her hat!!

deep in my heart i feel love so alive


oh god i tried to explain i’d’ve and y’all’d’ve to a friend who is a korean exchange student and she just kind of stared at me in horror for a minute lmao

Actually stuff like this? Really interesting to me haha (also when I say “see you” I’ve recently been saying “see all y’all” instead and it sounds like “sealyal” or something)

Wow I’m such a huge fan of Cybersix now
lammermoorian a new show to watch maybe haha