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"I thought you knew what you were doing!" / "What made you think that??" / "Because you said, "Don’t worry, Fatima, I know what I’m doing!”

Jophiel and Fatima running from the demon of the day, nbd.

the epic of the Shoulder Cat ft. bad laptop photos

i am mama shaped enough for lap cuddles and dad shaped enough for shoulder cuddles! best of both worlds!


Animation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tree of Life stain glass by illustrator Daryl Alexsy.

and here’s a transparent version of the last one :)

my #burnsideBatgirl colored in! the yellow is more muted in the design, but i figured, why not?

inks for a fanart of the new #burnside #batgirl

Aw look at this cutie #catblogging

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Guess what! I finally have an AO3 account :D

the love that saves the world

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Sam, Dean, Michael, Lucifer, Bobby, God, Death

Pairings: Gen

Summary: YHWH and Death have an outstanding date each week on Thursday to sit down, drink some sugar, and talk about Old Times. Sometimes They talk about Love. On these times They usually bring up YHWH’s oldest children. (Reincarnation AU based on this post.)

For malcolmiavelian <3

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It is your mouth that has me hypnotized.

I’m watching Ever After (for the 1,089th time) and also practicing sketching kisses. Such a good movie.