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Moon Healing Escalation!

read right to left for once :)

New Comic, whoop whoop!



Hey everyone, new comic!  I’m sorry updates have been a bit erratic, sometimes things get away from me.  With the school year coming I’ll either be more or less regular, we’ll see.  Hopefully more!  Enjoy.

My web comic has updated!  Go read, reblog and enjoy :)

Jupiter Thunderbolt!





This is the best thing ever.

I fucking love this website.

I had this horrible dream last night that I’d overslept and missed all of the GRE.

“I am not pretty—my eyes are too big and my nose is too long…”

every single white YA heroine who’s “not pretty” but actually really is according to today’s standards of beauty

another improvement meme sort of thing. lady on the right is my first superhero (well, super thief, really, and is actually the very first incarnation of psyche) and was drawn sometime around when the first tobey maguire spiderman movie came out on dvd.

lady on the left is her drawn again. to be completely true to my absolutely abhorrent early costuming skills, i left the garters, thigh high boots, and holey leotard the way i initially designed it. because all superthieves need to flash skin to distract the hero, right.

I just found a used copy of my French textbook for $5.50 (the original is just over $150).

Am I buying it and hoping it will be fine?

Hell yes, I am.

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all hail the boy king

a birthday present for lammermoorian <3